Ladram Red, Sidmouth, Devon.

Medium: Otter Sandstone, Mercia Mudstone and gouache on handmade cotton rag paper.

Ladram Bay has some beautiful triassic sea stacks- here they are with a touch of cobalt turquoise…if you begin to climb towards Sidmouth and look down and back into the bay a cove reveals itself partially. Access is difficult except from the sea. The water is stained red and yet has the sky in it. I collected my pigments in the bay and worked on this over several visits to the site.

This painting was awarded The Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial Prize at The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours exhibition (2016) -an award to encourage innovation and experimentation in contemporary water media.

This is ready to hang with a baton attached behind so it is free floating and detached from any wall. This may be inappropriate in some situations. Do contact me to discuss this if you are interested in purchasing.

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Dimensions 134 × 95 cm


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