INFORMAL VIDEOS: NATURE OF PRACTICE:  relationship with ‘Place’:  engaging with the other-than-human inhabitants of these environments and the materials I bring with me to make work. 

 BEGINNING: Making contact with a place: an introduction to my practice. ‘Noticings’. ‘Place Palettes’.

Continuing the conversation series with Professor Simon Olding.

EARTH TALK Sourcing pigments and listening to the land in preparation for work. Eype, Dorset. 

 DRAWING WITH INTENTION. Water soluble graphite and pencil. Sandsfoot Castle, Portland Harbour, Dorset. 

SKETCHBOOKS The varying roles they play in relating to place. (aspects of drawing)

Continuing the conversation series with Professor Simon Olding.

 LULWORTH Drawing on site. Concertina sketchbook. Graphite. Scratchy Bottom, Durdle Door, Lulworth, Dorset. 

 YELLOW TALK Which pigment and why.

A conversation with Evie Hatch blog writer and artist liaison at Jackson’s Art.

 BLUE TALK Which pigment and why.

RED TALK 1 , RED TALK 2, RED TALK 3 Establishing a route between orange and violet.

Pooling my stock of reds with those of Evie Hatch we form a seamless red bridge. Evie is a blog writer and artist liaison at Jackson’s Art.

POETRY AND PAINTThe Restless Earth by Jeremy Hooker.

The importance of words and kinship with poets Elisabeth Bletsoe and Jeremy Hooker. 

Continuing the conversation series with Professor Simon Olding 

N PLEIN AIR: ‘Warm Willow Squall’ in the making. Working on site with ‘found’ tools.

Sandsfoot beach, Portland Harbour, Dorset.

 LOCKDOWN: Gift within restriction. I was unable to go out to the landscape and the landscape came to me. Gift Triptych. 

Outer breakwater to bird bath, Portland Harbour, Dorset.

Continuing the conversation series with Professor Simon Olding.

 SHINE Sharing a particular sunrise experience.

Just about to pack up for breakfast…

Castle Cove, Portland Harbour, Dorset.

 MOONSHINE Describing painting moonlight.

Castle Cove ledges, Portland Harbour, Dorset.

 BIRDS FOR COMPANY Drawing in company with birds.

Castle Cove, Portland Harbour, Dorset.

 SWIFTS 2019 in Florence and 2021 over the studio in Weymouth.

Travelling to unfamiliar landscape has long been a feature of my work…til this last year…



The intention is to populate this page with resources that have proven useful in Key stage 1, 2 and 3.

Also- material that supports students of art of any age.

Contact me if you have ever worked with me and have any ideas of the kind of things you would like to see here. 

ICE PACK- a resource that can be adapted for teachers in key stage 1,2 and 3.


Tried and tested projects based on experience of working with children in schools in many parts of the country…may be adapted to suit different year groups. Frances draws on her experience as an artist who was privileged to visit Antarctica and on her many years as a teacher. This pack contains lesson plans and visual presentations for use in the class room. Do contact me if you are interested in receiving information when I’ve completed it.