Swallow Fund

Swallow Fund

I’ve received so much from the generosity of landscape over the course of my life. It has been teacher, confidante and inspiration. I’ve always painted outside ever since childhood…usually using water-based materials because of the way they respond to weather, humidity and air movement. All this often leaves a trace in the work.

SWALLOW FUND is one way for me to contribute to the healing of this remarkable planet home of ours. I will donate 50% of SWALLOW FUND sales to an environmental charity.

The chosen charity will change periodically. 

Currently I’m supporting: https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk

Why Swallow Fund? Well, every year I celebrate with a bottle of champagne the sight of the first swallow. Every swallow that makes it back to share our summer- against very many odds- is a miracle. They are a symbol for the plight of our other-than-human neighbours. 

The lucky ones who make it back indicate that some connective tissue required to transport the birds along their migration routes remains alive. That is not enough. Let’s ensure the task of being a swallow (and all those creatures they feed on and that feed on them) is less fraught with human-induced peril and abundant with multitudes of bugs.